3 Vibrant Vietnamese Salads To Brighten Up Your Lunches

We may be days away from summer but it doesn't always feel like it. The sky is grey, hoodies are still needed when we venture outside and rain always seems to be on the verge of falling.
In the current weather, a salad may not sound like the right kind of meal. But with the proper flavours and fixings, a vibrant salad can transform your mood and keep you energized throughout the day.
This is why the release of Vietnamese: Simple Vietnamese Food to Cook at Home by Uyen Luu is such perfect timing. As Luu writes in the introduction to her salad section, Vietnamese salads are the opposite of a limp pile of leaves. "Regarded more as treats than some kind of punishment, they are a riot of leaves, herbs, cucumber, noodles, pickles and deliciously cooked meat." They can be eaten rolled in a savoury crêpe, inside a wrap or just as they are, and thanks to the variety of texture and flavour, each bite is enjoyable from start to finish.
We've pulled three of our absolute favourite salad recipes from Luu's upcoming publication to help lift your spirits and shake off those dark days. You're welcome.

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