These On-Sale Trench Coats Are Exactly What Your Wardrobe Needs Right Now

Trench coats are one of those timeless wardrobe staples that never really go out of style, particularly in lightweight, breathable fabrics that are also water repellent. A versatile, tailored layering piece that can be dressed up or down, the trench was literally designed to be both fashionable and functional — in fact, it was first popularized by officers in the British military over a century ago.
Whether you go for a forever-classic coat in khaki-coloured gabardine or a more quirky or trendy trench with added frills, there’s a cut out there for everyone. It’s a matter of figuring out the style that you want, choosing between medium and lightweight fabrics (the former will generally be stiffer and provide more warmth), and deciding how loose and long you want the fit to be.
Here are 3 great trench coats that are on sale this week.

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