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Intentional Decor Shopping Helps This Designer Keep Her Home Sustainable

While working from home this last year has been a new experience for many of us, for Dani Roche, Toronto-based creative director and owner of marketing and design agency Kastor & Pollux, a live/work space is the norm. After previously renting separate studio and apartment spaces, she decided to combine the two, turning a 1500 sqft space (which she pays $3,600/month for) into a part-living space, part-photo studio for her branding projects. The merge has forced her to double down on intentional decor, and focus more on sustainability. “I want to be conscious in every decision I’m making in my life,” Roche says, noting that as she’s gotten older she’s become a “collector of things” rather than stocking up on temporary buys. “Trends are great, but I’m definitely more selective with what I choose to purchase.” 
While in-person work sessions around her dining table have become obsolete in the last year, her dog Suki keeps her company, and she relies heavily on plants (13 of them, in fact) to bring fresh life into her place, swearing by the IKEA FÖRENLIG planters made from recycled plastic. In terms of storage space, her bedroom is lacking — so the IKEA NORDLI storage bed comes in handy for tucking away clothes (and helping her on her sustainability journey, thanks to its as its use of renewable resources). 
Because her home pulls double duty, it’s important for Roche to create separate areas for unwinding, like her tranquil living room complete with a vintage ‘70s sofa, a handmade concrete side table by a local artist, and the ’70s light-up wiggle mirror she saved up for for years. Many of her favorite pieces have come secondhand from places like Facebook Marketplace.
Check out the video above to see inside her space-age inspired place, and hear more about how she’s working to be more sustainable with her shopping.   
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