Everything Coming To Netflix Canada This March

Photo: Courtesy of Amanda Matlovich/Netflix.
March is a big vacation month. It's March Break for students, and it's the "we need to get out of here before winter kills us" time of year for people who have yet to figure out that the cold weather is a gift: It offers the perfect excuse to curl up on a couch binging whatever you want with no remorse. I’m not ready to take a break from that.
This month on Netflix Canada, there are so many great titles to choose from that you’ll forget to be envious of the kids (and parents) who are jetting off to somewhere warm. Just think of the insects. The only bug you have to deal with at home watching Netflix is Bughead (that’s the couple name for Betty and Jughead on Riverdale, keep up).
Here’s what to watch on Netflix Canada in March, plus everything that’s coming and going.

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