TikTok’s Voluminous Cloudwear Trend Was Everywhere At Fashion Week

The need to cocoon yourself in thick, plush layers at home when it's cold and rainy out (and the world is in disarray) is a basic human desire we can all surely relate to. It's evolutionary. But what do you do when you have to face the frigid weather? Well, take it from the fashion set who are currently doing the most with outfits while enduring environmental extremes. From New York in the depths of winter to rainy London, Fashion Month attendees are doing away with past years' trends of cutouts and topless suiting, and leaning into comfort and function with cloudwear.
What is cloudwear, you ask? The clothing genre encompasses an array of apparel, including voluminous shapes, billowing puffer jackets, quilted pieces and down outerwear. And according to the experts on TikTok, it's set to blow up in a major way this year.

As fashion forecaster Agustina Panzoni (@thealgorythm) explains in her viral TikTok, cloudwear technically kicked off some years ago, part of the Daniel Lee Effect, with padded sandals and quilted leather bags taking the world by storm. From there it expanded to oversized coats, like those by Moncler, stuffed to the high heavens with insulating goods that keep us warm and protect the rest of our outfits from the unkind weather. So it's no wonder they had an unmistakable presence throughout 2022's Fashion Month.
Appearing in the collections of Off-White, Baum Und Pferdgarten and Henrik Vibskov (to name a few), cloudwear dominated runways, but where it really shone was on the streets. As show attendees descend upon the fashion capitals, braving the extreme weather to catch a glimpse of new season trends, we can't help but be in awe of all the ways the cloudwear trend is taking form.
To get a peep yourself, scroll on for the street style looks inspiring us to inflate our outfits with some cozy cloudwear.

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