How To Make Your Self-Care A Little More Magical

It’s Witch Week at Refinery29 Canada, and we’re exploring the modern world of witchcraft. Each day, we'll examine a different aspect of the culture — as well as the camaraderie, controversy, and accoutrement that come with it.
With the harvest season winding down and Scorpio season well underway, it’s time to enter the darker half of the year. Around now, we often start to notice our physical and emotional needs shift; while the earth gave us plenty of reasons to get active outside in summer, that just isn’t happening from here on in. Winter asks us to be more intentional in our self-care since frosty weather makes it easy to let movement, eating fresh healthy food, and going out to see friends slip. Rather than dread winter’s darkness, use it as an opportunity to embrace the magic of the season and turn your attention inward.
Adding a spiritual element to your self-care has never been easier, or more on-trend, thanks to the rise of witchcraft in wellness. It’s worth noting, though, that today’s witches don’t agree about whether the current zeal for all things mystic is appropriation or acceptance — so respect the culture and remember that one incantation does not a witch make.
From bath potions to quartz pipes, these Canadian-made products add a little dash of magic to your me-time.

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