12 Buy-Now-Wear-Now Boots From The Best Canadian Brands

In a country like Canada, where marijuana is optional but winter is not, boots aren’t just a seasonal necessity — they’re an extension of our personal style. For six months (minimum), your boots get way more play than most pieces in your closet, so doesn’t it stand to reason that you should love what you see whenever you look down?
Luckily, if supporting homegrown talent also sparks a warm feeling in your heart, there are plenty of Canadian brands bringing their eh-game this fall. From Western-inspired booties by Alberta’s Poppy Barley to timeless Chelsea boots by Montreal’s sustainability-minded Frank And Oak, these 12 styles won’t look tired, even on heavy rotation, and will easily pass the cost-per-wear test when you consider just how much ground they’ll cover in the coming months. After all, who better to keep you well-heeled in the cold than the brands that hail from the Great White North?

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