I Dyed My Blonde Hair Auburn — & I’ve Never Felt More Confident

We've all fantasized about dyeing our hair red at least once, but taking the plunge is a different story entirely. The colour is bold and notoriously difficult to maintain, which means becoming an unnatural redhead isn't for the faint of heart. Still, the results might be worth it — or worth trying, at the very least.
Chloe Lukasiak, the star of the newest Hair Me Out, is finally ready to give red a shot. "I've wanted to go auburn for about three years now," Lukasiak says. "People are like, 'You're known for your blonde hair,' but I've wanted to do it for so long." With her heart set on the new shade, Lukasiak decided to undergo the transformation with her longtime stylist, Emily Dawn, who is based out of Los Angeles.
Dawn, who has worked with Lukasiak for six years, formulated three different shades of red to give her client the most "dimensional" colour possible. "Before I apply the root to Chloe's hair, I'm going to put a protectant all around the hairline so that she doesn't have a stained auburn forehead," Dawn explains, "then I want to freehand paint."
After applying Lukasiak's colour, Dawn used a series of glosses to adjust the red tone to her liking. "I'm going to throw a cherry-cola colour on her hair because I wanted a reddish brown," she says. Once the final colour was tweaked to perfection, Dawn blowdried and added flat-iron curls to complete Lukasiak's hairstyle. "I waved in different directions so we get that tousled, sexy textured look at the end," she says. "I finished with an auburn eyebrow pencil to complete the overall look so her brows are more aligned with her new hair colour."
Lukasiak's final look is a far cry from the blonde she's had for years, but well worth the risk. "This look definitely boosts my confidence, and I feel like a completely new me," she says. Click play to see the transformation in full.

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