How Amy Schumer Changed Up Her Beauty Routine For Pregnancy

Photo: Steven Ferdman/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
If you watched Amy Schumer's latest comedy special on Netflix, Growing, then you know that her pregnancy hasn't been easy. During the hour-long show, the comedian speaks about her motherhood experience in detail (in good humour, of course), revealing that she suffers from extreme morning sickness and shares a due date with Meghan Markle. "I didn't know that being pregnant could be really hard," she says. "Women don't tell you how hard it is. I should've Googled it." Well, it seems that Schumer is doing her research now, and one thing she has picked up on is clean beauty because carrying a child has made her think twice about the things she is putting on her skin.
"Now, that it wasn't just me taking care of my dirtbag self, there's also a baby living in me, I should be conscious of the products I'm using," Schumer says in a new video collaboration with Beautycounter. The comedian decided to partner with the clean beauty brand after being introduced to the line by her friend Shea, who is a Beautycounter consultant. "I love them as a company, and I reached out to them to see if I could get involved because of your passion for it."
In the video, the two friends talk about clean beauty, the harsh reality of ingredient standards, and the changes that come with pregnancy — like the fact that you can be sensitive to strong fragrance. "I love [unscented products], because especially being pregnant and puking so much during my pregnancy, a smell will just set me right off."
Directed by Ryan Cunningham.
Of course, the brand is thrilled to have this new, A-list support. “We’ve never been a celebrity-driven brand, but when we heard Amy wanted to help support our mission and our consultants, we knew it would be a fun and impactful partnership," said Beautycounter Founder & CEO Gregg Renfrew in a press statement.
Schumer's partnership with Beautycounter comes just a few months after the brand was named the top trending beauty brand of 2018 by Google. Fans of the brand love its mission to build transparency in the beauty industry. The brand also has a never-list — which was mentioned in the video — that includes about 1500 chemical ingredients that consumers will never find in its products. "People are becoming more aware of the fact that the beauty industry is under-regulated and they’re doing their own research," Renfrew previously told Refinery29. And the awareness is about to grow even more with Schumer spreading the message — with a side of humour.

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