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Here’s Where Canadians Can Watch Sort Of

Welcome to Where To Watch, Refinery29 Canada’s guide to movies, TV shows and streaming services. Are you a film buff? TV connoisseur? Or do you just love to sit on the couch and stream the buzziest new show at the end of the work week (with popcorn in hand, obvi)? Us too. We’ll cover where Canadians can find the hottest new shows and movies, and break down just why you should be watching them.
Photo: Courtesy of CBC Gem.
The Show: Sort Of
The Plot: Sort Of is an eight-part series that follows Sabi Mehboob, a gender-fluid twenty-something-year-old whose life isn’t exactly where they want it to be. They’re working as a nanny and dating a dud (who may or may not be cheating on them), while trying to navigate being their true self and attempting to live up to the expectations of their culture and parents. (Sounds like a breeze, right?)
The Buzz: Co-created and starring Canadian playwright Bilal Baig, the show — which recently premiered at TIFF — is already receiving rave reviews for its charm and authenticity. Baig is the first queer, South Asian, Muslim actor to star in a Canadian primetime series, and the series boasts diversity both in front of and behind the camera.
The Double Feature: It’s difficult to compare Sort Of to any shows that have preceded it because it’s truly one of a kind. (It’s one of the reasons Refinery29 included it in our roundup of the best Canadian shows coming to your TV this fall and winter.) The upcoming show is for fans of Canadian TV (which should be all of us!) who are looking for a more diverse (ie: less white) experience on their screens. Also, if you hate dating and have also struggled with finding yourself — pretty universal themes for the modern millennial — this show is for you.
Where To Watch: Sort Of is a Canadian show, and it’s on a Canadian streamer! Canadians interested in tuning in can stream Sort Of starting October 5 on CBC Gem.

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