Your Horoscope This Week: August 29, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano
We’ve reached the end of August and the beginning of September — a week leading up to the new moon in Virgo on the 6th. Virgo is often associated with organization, and so some people might mistake Virgo season for a period of time when everything comes together and fits just right. But, the sign of Virgo is just as much about perception as it is about action. Virgo, the analyst, is just as likely to spend their days surrounded by piles of chaos as they are spreadsheets, because, sometimes, in order to put something to right, you have to pull it apart. 
Mercury, which rules Virgo, moves into Libra this week and harmony is definitely a priority. This theme is furthered by the trine that Mercury makes later in the week, first to True Node in Gemini on the 3rd and then to Saturn in Aquarius on the 4th. With Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces on the 2nd, it’s important that we accept the bounds between what we imagine and what’s possible. And, it’s important that we acknowledge that our limitations are not set in stone, only set in this time.

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