Where Canadians Can Watch The Pursuit of Love, Lily James’ Buzzy New Show

Photo: courtesy of Amazon.
Aside from love, there’s only one other thing short attention-spanned millennials are always in pursuit of — and that’s a good new TV show. The Pursuit of Love may be just that. Starring Lily James, Dominic West, and Andrew Scott (you know, of Fleabag Hot Priest infamy), the British mini-series — broken up into three hour-long episodes and based off Nancy Mitford’s 1945 novel of the same name — follows British aristocrat Linda Radlett (James) as she travels across the country, and Europe in the pursuit of, well, love. At any cost. The show — like the book — is narrated by Linda’s cousin Fanny Logan (Emily Beecham), who is pretty much the complete opposite of Linda in every way. (Tell me this doesn’t sound like The Great Gatsby, but for aristocratic ladies!) If the trailer is anything to go off of, the show will be über-sexual and ultra campy, two adjectives you can’t go wrong with.
Plus, there’s just as much drama to dig into off-screen — and perhaps you already have. Even before a premiere date was publicly announced, The Pursuit of Love was making waves. In October 2020, James and her co-star West were photographed by paparazzi kissing and being very cuddly while together in Rome. The pair reportedly met on set of the mini-series. 
But in a very Mitfordian twist, West was also very married. (Also, the co-stars play father and daughter in the show, adding a whole new level of ick to the rendezvous). The fallout was, as one can imagine, a whole lotta mess, with West promptly flying back to England and presenting a somewhat bizarre united front with his wife (the pair did a photo opp outside their home), and James unfairly dragged through the mud
For those looking to see the scandalous co-stars in action on-screen, you’re in luck! The Pursuit of Love is set to be released for Canadians on Amazon Prime Video starting July 30; which means you can find us in pursuit of some popcorn and a comfy couch come Friday. 

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