All The Voices You’ll Hear In Monsters At Work

Photo: courtesy of Disney+.
Getting along with a coworker isn’t always a guarantee, but sometimes — just sometimes — they can become your very best friend. Such is the case between Monsters Inc. colleagues Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James “Sulley” Sullivan (John Goodman) whose friendship has included many laughs (and scares) along the way. And now, thanks to the new Disney+ series Monsters At Work, this dynamic duo will once again be reporting for duty — but they won’t be alone. The cast of Monsters At Work includes plenty of familiar favourites while also welcoming some new personnel to the monstrously successful corporation.
As is the case at most jobs, the team is made up of a collection of unique characters, full of voices that will undoubtedly sound very familiar. From a beloved Superstore alum to various stars from The Office, Barry, and Archer, this series is chock-full of some real comedic talent. And as for the Monsters Inc. vets that are returning — well as you can imagine, they were eager to jump at the chance to reprise their roles and get the crew of former scarers back together again to show how the workplace has changed since becoming a laugh-collecting factory.
"It's like putting on a great old baseball glove," Goodman told Entertainment Weekly. "It's comfortable, it works, you know it's gonna do you well." His co-star, Crystal added, "Mike is one of my favourite characters, if not my single favourite character, to play, because he's just so fun to do. So a chance to work with John and the great folks at Pixar and Disney, knowing that the quality of the storytelling would be as great as it is, that was an easy decision."
But before we re-immersed ourselves into the next chapter of Monstropolis shenanigans, here’s a helpful breakdown of the characters you’ll be coming into contact with as well as their actor counterparts.

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