Everyone Who Got Duped Into Starring On Too Hot To Handle Season 2

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
About a year ago, Netflix introduced the world to Too Hot to Handle, possibly the most outlandish reality dating show ever created. We watched as 10 single people from across the globe landed on the beach hoping to have a summer filled with hookups. Instead, an artificial intelligence-infused cone named Lana prevented them from any sexual activity or they risked chipping away at their $100,000 jackpot. It was equally odd and entertaining and season 2 of Too Hot To Handle is already just as chaotic. However, the show had to be sneakier to convince 10 men and women to participate in the dating experiment this time.
The rules are the same, but to ensure the same level of surprise in season 2, they hired a fake host, comedian Jeff Dye. He convinces the contestants they signed up for an entirely different dating show, only for Lana pop out of a beachside bar, shocking the unsuspecting cast in the premiere. She also reveals a slight change: this year, the winnings will not be split equally between the cast. With a larger potential win at stake, season 2’s cast should, in theory, work harder to follow Lana’s rules now. In theory.
It's a tough one, since once again, the casting department found a group of 20 and 30-somethings from around the world who are already prone to fail this chaste test. Here's who unintentionally checked themselves into a sex-free and relationship building retreat.
This list will be updated as Netflix releases new episodes and new cast members arrive.

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