John Mayer Responds To Taylor Swift Fans Absolutely Roasting Him On TikTok

Photo: Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images.
As far as safe spaces to be yourself on the Internet go, TikTok is pretty high up there. No niche is too niche, no idea too ambitious, no celebrity too old or too random join. However, as we've learned in the past 24 hours, every rule has an exception, and the exception here is John Mayer.
To put it simply: TikTok is not a safe space for John Mayer.
When the musician joined the platform on March 1, he likely thought it would be a good place for both his music and weird antics (very understandable, as that is literally what the platform was originally made for). But what he got instead was absolute evisceration at the hands of Taylor Swift's fans who have not forgotten about "Dear John."
His first TikTok video showed Mayer appearing to struggle dad-style with the app. "Can someone tell me how to flip the camera?" he asked before finally managing to figure it out. The comments underneath are almost exclusively from angry Swifties, berating him and posting lyrics from Swift's 2010 Speak Now track “Dear John," which is assumed to be about him. Mayer and Swift allegedly dated briefly in 2009, and we all know it didn't end well. The song is a scathing account of a relationship with an emotionally manipulative older man. "John don't you think 19 was too young?" wrote on commenter, referencing the Swift song.
"we will never forget what did to our girl taylor," wrote another. "you're not safe here john," replied another fan.
A few hours after the initial onslaught, Mayer recorded another video of himself nodding his head and pretending to be in a conversation with those criticizing him. The caption reads: "POV: You're berating me and I'm hearing you out." (That's not at all how you practice active listening, but I digress.)
He then posted a final video in what seems to be another response to the fans, singing a song where the only lyrics are "that was a weird day." Overlaid on the video are hearts and the words "goodnight new friends!" along with the caption "more fun tomorrow."
This disaster further proves what the world knows — Swift fans definitely go hard to defend their fave. Mayer, however, hasn't had the best track record with the famous women he's dated. Not only has he continued to shade Swift over a decade after they were allegedly together, but his on-and-off again ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson claimed in her memoir that the singer emotionally abused her for many years as well.
You might want to stick to Instagram, John.

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