Why Everyone’s Talking About Timothée Chalamet’s Super Bowl Ad With Winona Ryder

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage.
Timothée Chalamet made his Super Bowl debut with a special advertisement, paying tribute to a classic film — and his ex-girlfriend's father.
The Dune actor partnered with luxury car company Cadillac for a hilarious game day commercial inspired by the Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands. Set 30 years after the events of the film, Kim Boggs (reprised by Winona Ryder) is a single mother raising her son, Edgar (Chalamet), but life with scissors for hands hasn't exactly gotten easier with time. Just like his father, young Ed struggles with basic tasks on a daily basis; things like riding the bus, working his part-time job, and tossing around a football with friends are virtually impossible. Seeing her son struggle, Kim decides to make life more accessible by giving him a gift that will actually help him move throughout the world: an electric car that includes a hands-free driving system. It doesn't quite solve his sandwich-making problem, but at least Ed doesn't have to ride the bus anymore.
The Cadillac commercial was a success, with Chalamet's execution of the iconic role delighting viewers across the internet. His wildly coiffed hair, pale skin, and earnest facial expression was a spot on impression of Johnny Depp's quirky 1990 portrayal, so much so that it had people wondering why an Edwards Scissorhands sequel with Chalamet as the lead hasn't already been greenlit by some Hollywood studio — I mean, just look at him!
But the actor's connection to the fantasy romance movie gets a little twisted when you consider his relationship to Depp. He famously dated the Pirates of the Carribbean star's daughter Lily Rose Depp, from 2018 to 2020. The former couple mostly kept their relationship private (save for those super embarrassing paparazzi shots on a boat) throughout the two years and then quietly split. Chalamet was mostly recently rumoured to be dating Eiza Gonzalez. Guess who else has a connection to Johnny Depp? Ryder, who the actor dated long-term in the 1990s.
It's also a full circle moment for Chalamet and Ryder to finally be working together. Ryder starred in the original film adaptation of Little Women (1994) as fiery, independent sister Jo March — the very same object of Chalamet's Theodore "Laurie" Laurence's affections in the 2019 remake.
"Working with Winona was a total dream come true," Chalamet told Vogue of the OG Edward Scissorhands actress. "She’s an incredible actress and continues to be an American icon...and she had some tidbits that were honestly creatively very helpful, although that will stay between her and me."
Given the way things have been playing out for Depp lately, infusing the role that put him on the map with some new, less problematic blood might not be so bad, especially since we now know that Chalamet's got Edward's look and helpless demeanor down pat. Just one condition, though: Winona has to play his mom.

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