Sarah Fainted On The Bachelor Because She Knows The Awful Truth

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin.
The second episode of The Bachelor was kind of boring right up until the final moments when Sarah Trott suddenly fainted during the rose ceremony. When Matt James checked on her, she said she was blacking out and couldn't see. Moments before, she'd mentioned feeling overwhelmed about the drama of it all, particularly because "Queen" Victoria Larson had initiated so much confrontation at the cocktail party. The show left us on a "to be continued," so we don't know exactly how either the Sarah or Victoria situations were immediately resolved. What the hell is going on?
I'm not a doctor so I won't diagnose Sarah, but it's worth noting that those rose ceremonies can last hours. Standing in heels for hours after a cocktail party filled with tension would make anyone feel faint. Or maybe, like most of us, Sarah just felt sick knowing that Victoria would likely skate right on by to the next week. The self titled monarch is the only one causing drama, so Sarah — like any good student of Bachelor Nation — knows she's not getting the boot yet.
The promo for the following episode suggests that Matt does indeed keep Victoria around for at least another week. She can be seen stirring the pot in the teaser, shouting that "all the fake bitches can go home," calling someone a "calculating little bitch," and telling her apparent new confrontation target Katie, "No, I won't stop, Katie. I'll do whatever the fuck I want."
Matt also mentioned in the promo, "I felt those feelings with her, but it hurts." He could be talking about seeing this calculated side of Victoria after previously wholeheartedly believing that she would never mislead him when tattling about the drama in the house. (Bachelor Nation novice Matt has some catching up to do.)
The other women also seem extremely over Victoria. "This completely changed the mood of the night," Kit complained in the promo. "[It's] just so disrespectful," said another, while MJ added that she just wasn't here for this nonsense.  We can't prove that these lines were said about Victoria, but, come on. No one else is stirring up trouble thus far. Her antics are even contributing to scary situations like Sarah's fainting. Fortunately Sarah's okay now. She even joked about the incident on TikTok, captioning a video of her stumble, "When you take falling in love quite literally."

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We'd all be more okay if Matt would just send Victoria home. But alas, we've got at least more week of her less-than-queenly behavior.

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