Mercury Retrograde Is Over — & Astrologers Say You’ll Feel It On U.S. Election Day

Photo: David Dee Delgado/Getty Images.
After enduring what feels like the longest Mercury retrograde of the year, the planet of communication is finally about to turn direct on November 3, aka Election Day. And not to add to your election stress, but astrologers warn that we should be prepared for Mercury's transit to increase confusion and chaos on that day — and it wouldn't the first time.
In fact, Mercury last stationed direct on Election Day in 2000, during the presidential race between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Gore won the popular vote, but Bush took office — following weeks of back and forth, a contentious recount, and the Supreme Court finally settling the decision.
Many have been drawing comparisons between 2000's election and the current one due to concerns over mail-in ballot delays and potential recounts In addition to the similarities between the elections, astrologer Lisa Stardust says Mercury's transit may be playing a role in the uncertainty and disarray we're experiencing this year.
"The mail-in ballots will take a long time to be counted, a lot of voters won’t get to the polls in fear of getting COVID-19, and we can expect that both the Democratic and Republican parties will demand a recount no matter who the winner is, due to Mercury’s direct station in the middle of Election Day," Stardust predicts.
Stardust points out that the Moon, which gives the cosmic vibe and direction of the day, will be in Gemini on November 3. "Mercury rules Gemini, which means that there will be added mishaps that are unforeseen," she explains. "This adds a double whammy of unpredictability to the outcome of the election, especially because the Gemini Moon will be riding along the North Node of Destiny and squaring off with elusive Neptune."
Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, tells Refinery29 that Mercury will be locked in a square with Saturn in Capricorn on November 3. "This will highlight the political themes that have shaped society and politics throughout the year," she explains. "And while Mercury is in Libra, the sign of justice, the hard hand of Saturn is stronger because Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn, which will make it hard for all of us to connect, think, and even communicate with authority figures." That goes for government figures and more immediate supervisors, like your boss. "It is not the best week to have an important meeting, ask for a raise, or even have a delicate conversation with your boss," she adds.
As far as how this transit will affect the two candidates, Stardust says that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have heavy Mercurial energies in the career sector of their birth charts. "Biden’s Midheaven, the top point in the chart that denotes public standing and affairs, as well as representing one’s career, is ruled by Mercury. Trump, who’s a Gemini Sun, has a Mercurial flavor and Sun intercepted in his Midheaven as well," she explains. Stardust predicts that the results will likely come on November 6th, when Mercury squares off with authoritative Saturn.
But it's not all bad news: The fact that this transit is occurring in Libra, a sign known for justice and fairness, may actually be a good omen for this tumultuous time. And there are better days on the horizon, says Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer at "The fog will begin to lift and life will move forward after November 6, as Mercury continues to pick up speed." This date could be an especially important one to look out for this week. "Mercury remains in Libra several more days before it re-enters Scorpio for the second time on November 10, where it will remain until December 15," she says. "Mercury will go through its shadow period, which means things are still unfolding."
Mercury will leave its shadow on December 2, and from there, things will return to normal, Hale says. So while Mercury retrograde has officially ended, that doesn't mean the planet won't challenge us and our lives for the next month. Use that Mercurial energy to vote and phone bank, and to continue fighting for racial justice and uplifting marginalized voices. Mercury's energy can be harnessed to find hope in a better future — now's your chance to use it.

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