The Best Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix Canada In August

Photo: Courtesy of Allyson Riggs/Netflix.
For 45 blissfully ignorant minutes on Wednesday, I experienced the hope and joy of thinking Netflix Canada was getting the new titles announced by Strong Black Lead, the streaming service’s destination for Black content. Those titles are Moesha, Girlfriends, Sister Sister, One on One, The Game, The Parkers, and Half & Half aka the definitive Black sitcoms of the '90s. (RIP UPN.) Let me run those back, once more, with feeling: MOESHA, GIRLFRIENDS, SISTER SISTER, ONE ON ONE, THE GAME, THE PARKERS, AND HALF & HALF. The first four of the shows listed were defining titles of my adolescence. I basically based my entire personality off of Moesha and Tia and Tamera. I know how to be a better friend because of Joan, Maya, Lynn, and Toni. I am who I am because of Kyla Pratt! 
In the U.S., these shows will drop on Netflix this month or in the fall. In Canada, they will not. We’re left with our FOMO, our consolation tears, and my desperate attempts to appeal to the poor social media manager running the Netflix Canada accounts. They now have to deal with my requests to run the Canadian division of Strong Black Lead and my eight-part Twitter thread on why Tia and Tamera wearing Canadian tuxedos is proof the show needs to come to Canada. Can you tell I am desperate? Well, Netflix, even though I will never forgive you for making us wait, there are some great titles actually coming to this country this month. I guess they will have to do for now. 
Here’s what to watch on Netflix Canada in August.

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