Brad Pitt’s Unexpected TV Appearance Is Too Emotional

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
The Property Brothers — aka Drew and Jonathan Scott — scored a great opening guest for their new HGTV series, Celebrity I.O.U. No, the reality program is not centred on stars taking people to small claims court. (Though I would totally watch a Quibi show about that.) Instead, the show features famous people expressing gratitude to their loved ones by calling in the Property Brothers for special home makeovers. On Monday’s premiere episode of Celebrity I.O.U., it’s Brad Pitt who is remodelling makeup artist Jean Black’s guest house, as a sweet way to repay her for decades of friendship. 
In the episode, Pitt explains that he and Black started working together decades ago. Their first credit together is in a movie called Cool World. Ever since, Pitt and Black have been inseparable, working on nearly 40 movies together, including his Oscar-winning film Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood. Black even helps Pitt with photoshoots and red carpet events, according to GQ. One time, she had to put makeup somewhere, er, uncomfortable. 
“There was a time, on Legends of the Fall, that [Jean] had to make up my butt because of bad tan lines,” Pitt explains to the Scott twins. “When it comes up, we can’t really look each other in the eye.” 
In the episode, Pitt wants to remodel Black’s guest house so that she finally has her long-awaited makeup station. At the request of Pitt, who has a lot of ideas about how to make Black’s space the best it can be for his pal, the Scott’s create a 400-square-foot living space complete with a kitchenette, tons of storage for her makeup kits, and, of course, a super-modern makeup vanity. 
When Black finally returns to see her guest house, she’s in utter shock. 
“I could never even imagined this could be, this space,” Black says. “It’s gorgeous.” 
“It’s a constant exchange with great friends,” Pitt says in the episode. “She’ll return the favour next week.”  
In an interview with GQ, Black said that she and Pitt get along because they are “both loners.”
“We had kind of a sense we could enjoy being in the same room without having to talk all the time,” she explained to the outlet. “It just happens. There was just a real copacetic type of thing in terms of humour and things we like.”
Now, Black has a place where she and Pitt can be alone, together.

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