Dean Unglert Is Out Here Shading Kelley Flanagan After She Was Seen With Peter Weber

Photo: ABC/Maarten de Boer.
The country may be in lockdown, but Bachelor Nation is still going strong. Earlier this week, Bachelor contestant Kelley Flanagan was spotted hanging out with Bachelor Peter Weber in Chicago, just days after former Bachelor Nick Viall assured everyone that the two were not dating. He had to rescind that statement after news of this little reunion came out, and former Bachelorette contestant Dean Unglert slid into the comments to throw some unexpected shade Kelley's way.
On Nick's first post about the rumours, which was a snap of him and Kelley together, Dean commented "omg date," because I guess Bachelor Nation could always get a little more chaotic. But a week later, after Viall posted his update about Peter and Kelley, Dean had changed his tune.
"I rescind my 'omg date' comment," he wrote. "You deserve better."
It's likely this whole thing has been tongue-in-cheek, since Bachelor Nation knows we keep heavy tabs on their Instagram activity — but, if Dean does have any real information he'd like to share, we're all ears, because right now this situation is confusing.
"I didn't see a kiss or anything but it looked like Peter had his foot in her lap," Natalie, who witnessed Peter and Kelley's Chicago reunion, told Refinery29 over Instagram message, later adding "But this didn't really seem super flirty."
With The Bachelorette postponed and Bachelor In Paradise nowhere in sight, this type of drama is as close as we can get to our Bachelor fix during the coronavirus pandemic. But since social distancing is still of utmost importance, let's keep it all on Instagram — I'm looking at you, Peter and Kelley.

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