There’s A New Kid On The On My Block, Er, Block & She’s Kind Of Great

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers for On My Block season 3 are ahead.
While it may look that way for an episode or two, Jamal (Brett Gray) isn't being haunted this season on On My Block. Something much cuter and weirder (appropriate for Jamal) is going on: He's being followed by the new girl on On My Block, Kendra (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson). She's a local home schooler with an interesting approach to her classes.
But, Jamal naturally worries for a few episodes (alongside some viewers) that Kendra might be one of the Prophet$ coming to get him after the RollerWorld money incident — but no, she's just a girl who has a crush on him. Or is she.
At heart, Kendra is such a strange little nerd and I absolutely love her. Plus, these two are kind of perfect for each other... eventually. After they first hook up, Jamal notices that their interactions are oddly emotionless and starts to worry that he's being used for sex. When he presses her for more details, Jamal learns that Kendra's course work is experience based. She travels and does internships instead of writing essays. She went to the Hoover Dam for physics, and a cemetery for Philosophy. Jamal asks her if she's his sex ed class... and, well, kind of.
After learning that she was only interested in him to learn about sex, Jamal cuts things off. He is also, apparently, devastated to learn that he is the kind of person who can only enjoy sex when he's in love.
Luckily, Jamal texts Kendra at the end of season 3, so it's possible Kendra will be in the picture in season 4. And maybe the other On My Block characters could meet her and learn that she exists. (Looking at you and your sex doll theory, Abuelita.) Kendra would be kind of great for Jamal she'd totally be into all of his conspiracy theories and mystery solving if she got to know him better. That's right up her experiential learning alley.
But unfortunately, whether or not they did end up together is a bit of a mystery for the time being. Kendra is not in the flash forward at the very end of season 3. There are so many possibilities — they could be together despite the lack of confirmation; they could have texted and never gone beyond it; they could have gotten together and broken up somewhere in the time jump. All we do know is that Jamal has joined the football team again, which he was not about at the beginning of the series, so something has changed, at the very least.

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