Hannah Ann’s Revenge Hair Was The Best Part Of The Bachelor Finale

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
With all the drama that went down during last night's Bachelor finale, Hannah Ann Sluss's revenge, bombshell-dropping appearance had to be the episode's biggest saving grace. In case you missed it, after receiving Pilot Pete Weber's final rose and getting engaged — in what was arguably the worst Bachelor proposal ever — the 23-year-old fan favorite was swiftly dumped by the ever wishy-washy Weber, leaving her (and Peter's mom, Barb) heartbroken.
But Sluss stayed strong as she rehashed the breakup on After The Final Rose. Not only did she deliver some of the franchise's best zingers ("If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man") but she also debuted an eat-your-heart-out hairstyle that made the entire confrontation that much juicier. A far departure from the signature bob she wore all season, Sluss appeared on the live finale with long brunette extensions styled in glossy, voluminous waves.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Fans on Twitter were quick to note the obvious difference, and how it worked perfectly for the hair-flip moment she delivered to Weber during the live finale — which got a standing ovation from everyone, including Peter's mom.
"Hannah Ann is back...with $600 USD worth of hair extensions," one fan tweeted in response to the model's new look. "That'll show him, girl."
Another likened the long extensions to the strong backbone Hannah Ann showed during her confrontation with Weber.
Finally, another fan noted the shine and luster in that bouncy, breakup blowout — even referencing Hannah Ann's likely future success as a post-Bachelor influencer. "Hannah Ann got those Sugar Bear hair vitamins and took six a day for this moment," Kate Cochran tweeted. While we can't say for certain what Hannah Ann's hair or supplement routine looked like leading up to last night's finale, we do know she's actively moving on from Peter — or, as she wrote on Instagram, "Flying solo... no turbulence accepted."
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