United Airlines Is Replacing Biscoff Cookies With Oreo Thins And Twitter Is Not Happy

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Update: We reached out to United Airlines for official comment and they have confirmed Biscoff lovers can take a deep breath, "We’re happy to see our inflight snack options are such a hit with our customers. As promised, we continue to switch up our snacks for variety. Our customer-favourite stroopwafel is staying in the mix and we’re adding Oreo Thins in March. Biscoff fans, don’t fear, they’ll be back on board in May."
This story was originally published on February 20, 2020 at 3:20 p.m.
When choosing an airline, most people look at price, simplicity, and comfort, probably in that order. But today, people are choosing their airlines based on what is arguably the most important aspect of a flight — the complimentary snack options. In what may be the dawn of a new era, United Airlines announced today that it will be switching one of its complimentary snack options from Biscoff Cookies to Oreo Thins. The switch won't happen immediately, but Oreo Thins will be entering the United recirculated air space soon. While you will still have other snack options (I personally love a pretzel), the Oreo Thin will now be United's cookie of choice.
Now, I stan an Oreo and don't love a Biscoff (they're cardboard with cinnamon SORRY), but my coworkers (who are very angry with my Oreo Thin love) and the greater internet do not appear to agree. In fact, one Twitter user went as far as to say, "Legroom is a convenience, but Biscoffs are a necessity. This is unacceptable."
United Airlines politely responded to one Twitter user: "We periodically make updates to our snack offerings to provide our customers with new and different options. We're going to miss the Biscoff cookies too, but we're excited to bring Oreos on board." We reached out to United Airlines
Some individuals are even promising to switch their loyalty.
Below, the Official Condolence Tweet — don't worry y'all, they'll miss them too!
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