Peter Weber Describes A Very Messy Cut Scene From The Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
If you wanted to avoid the possibility of embarrassing yourself in front of millions of viewers, then you probably shouldn’t have gone on The Bachelor in the first place. Contestant Kelsey Weier made her choice to join the women seeking love on the reality show, and the result was “champagne gate.”
In a January episode of The Bachelor, Kelsey was thrilled to deliver a bottle of sentimental champagne to Peter, only to find him drinking said champagne with Hannah Ann Sluss. Tears were shed, as Kelsey lamented that yet another special moment with Peter was cruelly taken from her by another contestant. Some would even say it was more dramatic than it had to be! 
In an effort to make Kelsey feel better, a second bottle of champagne was procured and popped. Kelsey, to show Peter she’s “not a classy bitch all the time,” agreed to drink from the bottle. It didn’t exactly work out: The bottle of champagne exploded in Kelsey’s face, becoming a Bachelor moment that would live on in GIF form forever. 
However, according to Peter’s interview with Buzzfeed, a deleted scene made champagne gate even more extra. 
“I took the bottle of champagne and I poured it all over my face,” Peter explained to Buzzfeed. “You know, to make the moment a little better.” 
Better, or just...wetter? 
It’s possible that Peter’s actions really helped solidify his relationship with Kelsey, who was ultimately eliminated from the competition in week eight. 
“We kind of took off right from the bat and connected emotionally and very deep and in a weird way, I love that,” said Peter on Nick Viall’s podcast The Viall Files. “That’s a huge reason of why I connect with her so quickly and so early on.” 

There’s a great romantic hero, and then there’s a romantic hero willing to douse himself in champagne to make a moment less awkward.

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