These Chic Hairstyles Make Rainy Days Feel Brighter

Photographed by Kirsty Sim.
It's funny how something as tiny as the rain cloud on your weather app can forecast a bad hair day. The key to changing that narrative is in your point of view — but a good accessory doesn't hurt either. Why not use a morning drizzle as an opportunity to skip your go-to blowout for a vintage claw clip, scrunchie, or printed scarf? After all, they make getting dressed to pitter-patter on your window a lot more energizing.
For inspiration, we've pulled street style straight from the umbrella-lined sidewalks of London where the Fashion Week crowd is fully embracing rain. Through four days of showers, the hairstyles on the streets have been even more inspiring than sunnier seasons past. Scroll through our gallery for proof that a little rain ain't so bad.

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