Serena Williams On Her Daughter Olympia: “I Call Her My Busy Baby”

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Serena Williams' daughter Olympia shows off her dance moves in an adorable new video for Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit Diapers. Featuring a song called “The Wild Child Wiggle,” it's all about those moves babies and toddlers like two-year-old Olympia love to make.
“I call her my busy baby,” Williams told Refinery29 ahead of the launch. “She’s into everything — that’s the thing about two-year-olds, they want to touch everything, grab everything, get into everything. The other day, she came into the room, and after three minutes, it felt like it had been an hour. It was like a hurricane — she’s my wild child.”
The campaign is another move towards superstardom for Olympia, who made her Vogue cover debut at the age of four months. Williams talked to Refinery29 about Olympia’s dance moves, her favourite Disney movies, and their intergenerational dance parties. 
This campaign is all about dancing. What are some of your favourite songs to dance to with Olympia?
There are a lot of Disney songs, to be honest. And of course, the “Wild Child Wiggle” song. It’s perfect for Olympia and wild babies like mine who can show off their wild moves. 
Does your family have any favourite Disney movies to watch together?
[My husband Alexis and I are] kind of burnt out on Frozen, but not Olympia. We’re still watching that daily. We just started watching Aladdin, and we watch Cinderella a lot. We took her to the theater to watch Frozen 2. She was really into it, but then she got a little tired. She's only two!
Have you taught her any dance moves — or has she taught you any?
She has not been able to teach me too many moves yet, but I’m optimistic she’ll learn some to teach me. I’m trying to teach her the step-touch, but she hasn’t caught on yet.
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Ballet time

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I saw your Instagram photo of Olympia all dressed up for ballet — does she take lessons?
She’s taking ballet lessons, she’s a very active child. I’ve been trying to introduce the Pampers Cruisers Wiggle Song to the ballet class. It’s been super cute.
You call Pampers Cruisers "baby yoga pants" — does Olympia do yoga with you, too?
I’ve been trying to get her to do yoga with me, but it’s not her thing because she’s so active. But now that’s she’s getting older, she understands that when I put out my yoga mat, I always put one out for her. The other day, she pulled out the yoga mat and collapsed. She’s close, she’s close.
I love how Olympia’s doll, Qai Qai, has become an Instagram influencer in her own right. What are Qai Qai’s secrets to Instagram fame?
It’s all about being real. She’s always really real and really funny. 
Does Olympia have other toys she loves as much, or is Qai Qai still number one?
She has a lot of other ones, but she still loves her Qai Qai, for sure. They have a special bond.
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whatcha lookin’ at? 👀

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Olympia turned two recently. As she’s getting older, are there people in your life you turn to for parenting advice?
I have some great insights from my mom. She’s done it so many times. And I’ve learned that she really knows what she’s talking about! There’s nothing like being able to have your mom there.
Does your mom join in on your dance parties?
She directs them! She tells Olympia what to do and how to do it, she makes up moves for her.
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