We’ve Got Your Exclusive Look At Cierra Ramirez’s Revealing New Music Video

Photo: courtesy of Dennis Leupold.
Did you wake up today feeling just a tad in over your head? Well, the Friday rush may not be the cause of that emotion. Instead, you probably sensed the debut of Cierra Ramirez’s latest project on the horizon. 
After memes upon memes of fans demanding new music from the Good Trouble star, Refinery29 is here to exclusively premiere the music video for Ramirez’s brand-new song, “Over Your Head.” The actress/producer/musician confirms to Refinery29 the track is also the name of her upcoming album, which debuts on Friday, February 28. 
Between Ramirez’s fearless vocals and parade of power looks, “Over Your Head” the music video is the precise aesthetic you’re going to want to take into the weekend. 
“I would say sorry, but sorry for what?” a lavender pantsuit-clad Ramirez asks to kick off the music video, directed by Wiz Khalifa collaborator Riley Robbins. “I pulled the knife and you took the cut,” the 24-year-old continues. “Damn it hurt and you loved it. But now that you got it you’re aggy as fuck.” 
Ramirez is excited for fans to hear the unapologetic lyrics of “Head,” since she says they fit right in with her most recent releases: 2019’s “Liquid Courage” and “Broke Us.” 
"'Over Your Head' is the perfect song and video to make this a complete triangle of love and relationships,” Ramirez told Refinery29 in a statement. “I am so happy because the fans have been waiting for this, and I can't wait for them to finally hear the whole [album].” 
Although Ramirez’s “love triangle” of songs are messages to mystery lovers, “Over Your Head” is as much a celebration of Ramirez herself as it is a look into a doomed, sultry relationship. Noticeably, there is no romantic lead in this video — just a trio of backup models and Ramirez in a procession of memorable looks. The star of the style show is Colombian and Mexican-American Ramirez’s shoutout to her Latinx roots with the kind of perfectly laid baby hairs Black and brown women have been sporting for generations (see: Jennifer Lopez decades ago and Jennifer Lopez now) — this time with countless tiny pearls adorning her locks.
Get your exclusive full look Ramirez’s Instagramable look — and the rest of the dazzling “Over Your Head” video — below.

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