Why Is Everyone Crying In The New Bachelor Promo?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Maarten de Boer.
It doesn’t seem like anyone is having a good time on The Bachelor — Pilot Pete included — and now, it looks like that’s all coming to a head on next week’s episode. The promo that aired at the end of Monday’s ep showed just about every single contestant crying, so what’s the deal? Why is everyone crying on The Bachelor? There’s a lot of drama going on, and the reasons for this are totally endless.
The promo itself was basically one big montage of tears. There are women holding each other and crying; there are women crying about how tired they are of being part of this; there are even women accusing each other of being emotionally unstable. Even Mykenna is crying because, in her words, she’s “so tired, so exhausted” — it never ends. So why is everyone so upset? 
There are a few potential reasons. First of all, there has obviously been a lot of fighting between the women. This group of ladies doesn’t seem to keep anything to themselves when they disagree with another contestant, especially now that Alaya is back. If another woman gets more time with Peter in a way that the rest of them feel is unfair (aka Victoria P. after that football date), they’re vocal about it. No one is holding anything in, and that leads to a lot of drama… and a lot of tears.
They haven’t held back when it comes to the way they’ve felt about Peter’s decisions, either… and now more than ever, they’re letting him know about it. They didn’t think it was fair when he spent time with Hannah Brown, and now, they don’t like that not only did he let Alaya back into the mix, but he also presented her with a first date rose. Decisions are being questioned left and right, and it’s clear Peter isn’t prepared to defend his choices, either. Cue more tears.
And of course, there’s the pressure of being part of The Bachelor itself, which definitely seems to be getting to some of the women. At this point, they’ve been in that mansion for a few weeks and are starting to travel… and emotions are running high. They can’t even check Instagram. Who can blame them for crying?
We were hit with a big ol’ “to be continued” at the end of the episode, just as Peter was trying to figure out how he managed to make everyone so upset with him, and now to see that the waterworks are continuing into another week? Buckle up, y’all, because we’re only one month in. 

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