If Netflix’s Cheer Is Taking Over A Loved One’s Life, This Is For Them

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix users have found a new obsession in Cheer, a documentary series that chronicles the lives of a Texas cheer team at Navarro Community College. Through blood, sweat, tears, and twisted ankles, these athletes will do whatever it takes to take home top prize at the NCA National Championships in Daytona Beach while also battling the challenges of their sometimes-difficult home lives.
If your only experience with cheerleaders was from their mean girl personas in a teen movie, Cheer will bust any preconceived stereotypes. For those who are already invested in all things #FIOFMU, some good news: the stars of Netflix’s Cheer are now on Cameo
Cameo is a website where one can pay their favourite celebrities, influencers, politicians, and more to record a short video message. Reality stars, in particular, have really made a home for themselves on Cameo. If your dream is to join Bachelor Nation, for example, Colton Underwood will send you a video for $150 USD. Jed Wyatt may even write you an original song for $50 USD. (This is pure speculation, and solely because it’s Wyatt.) 
Not every reality star is so affordable, however; a personalized message from Caitlyn Jenner costs $2,500 USD. 

As for the cast of Cheer, a ton of members of the Navarro cheer team are involved. Jerry Harris, Morgan Simianer, James Thomas, Gabi Butler, LaDarius Marshall, Allie Ross, Lexis Brumback, Shannon Woolsey, and Dillon Brandt from Navarro College are all on the site. Their prices range from $15 USD a message to $50 USD, which means that a message could be a cute birthday gift for a cheer-loving friend. The most splurgy members of the team are Butler — who has over 900,000 fans on Instagram — and Harris, a fan favourite.
One thing that this cast won't tell you in their personalized message? The meaning of FIOFMU. Still, if you don't have the grace and athleticism to make it onto their team, at least you can feel sort of in the group by getting a cool shout out from the squad.

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