This Is The Only Bachelor Drinking Game You Need

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Another year, another season of The Bachelor. Whether you love to hate it, hate to love it, or (like me) feel absolutely no shame in your absolute obsession with Bachelor Nation, this season promises to be a good one. While the bachelor himself is not necessarily the fan-favourite (pour one out for Mike!), we're sure to get our fair share of drama, awkward cocktail parties, and far, far too many windmill jokes. Plus, if Pilot Pete bores us, we always have Chris Harrison to stir that pot right up.
Now, if you're anything like me, the most important part of Bachelor Nation is the watch parties that go along with it, because Bachelor Nation is fun, but it's way more fun with friends. So for all of you who are hosting or attending Bach parties tonight, here's a little drinking game to get the party started. Pour that Champagne, baby, it's Pilot Pete cocktail party time.

The Bachelor Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time somebody makes a pilot/airplane reference, or if Peter is pictured piloting a plane. Finish your drink if it's a sexual innuendo.
Drink every time somebody mentions the windmill. Finish your drink if it's a sexual innuendo.
Drink every time somebody says they are there for "the right reasons."
Finish your drink every time somebody accuses somebody else of being there for "the wrong reasons."
Drink every time somebody's entrance involves a costume.
Drink every time Chris Harrison says “ladies.”
Drink every time someone says Peter is their dream man.
Drink every time it becomes clear a girl was secretly hoping for the bachelor to be Tyler or Mike.
Drink every time somebody calls somebody else "crazy."
Drink every time somebody sets up a weird date scenario during the cocktail party.
Finish your drink every time somebody gets slut-shamed.
Drink every time somebody asks if they can "steal" Peter for a second.
Drink every time someone accuses someone else of “stealing” Peter.
Take a shot if the first impression rose goes to a blonde white girl.
Finish your drink and your neighbor's drink and your dog's drink if a previous bachelorette shows up.

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