Jason Sudeikis Is The Internet’s Biggest Villain After His Scene With Baby Yoda In The Mandalorian Finale

Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.
Warning: spoilers ahead for the finale of season 1 of The Mandalorian.
Don’t mess with the internet — or our child.
Jason Sudeikis (and Adam Pally, though not to the same extent) learned this lesson the hard way after a cameo appearance in the season finale of The Mandalorian. Sudeikis and Pally played a pair of bumbling Stormtroopers in the episode’s cold open, channeling director Taika Waititi’s dry humour as they waited to turn over the baby suspected to be Yoda to sinister Imperial authorities led by the ominous Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito). 
The scene opened with the two waiting for authorization to continue their mission. Sudeikis’ character held on to the Baby, who they had captured and stuffed in a bag (already an appalling thought). Sudeikis’ Stormtrooper, clearly irritable and incompetent, had zero patience for the Baby’s sweet cooing and proceeded to punch the child — not just once, but twice. Pally’s character then wondered if the Baby was dead, since he stopped moving after the second walloping. 
The entire scene was incredibly vexing, even if it was just a few minutes long. The internet was simply not going to let Sudeikis get away with it.
Sudeikis has not publicly commented on the matter. Luckily, the Baby is fine and extremely not dead — in fact, he will be the inevitable star of The Mandalorian’s second season. Before Sudeikis or Pally’s characters could do any more damage, the droid IG-11 (played by Waititi) swooped in and took the Stormtroopers out. Thanks to his protocol to nurse and protect, IG-11 safely reunited the Baby with the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal). 
As for Sudeikis and Pally, that was some top-notch comic relief but audiences will certainly agree that the Stormtroopers got what was coming to them.

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