Kim Possible May Be the Most Important Show On Disney+, According To Fans

Photo: MARKA/Alamy Stock Photo.
New Star Wars universe series The Mandalorian may be one of the more exciting new shows to come to Disney’s new streaming service, but for those nostalgic for the days of DCOMs and Christy Carlson Romano, there’s one title on Disney+ that has won them over. 
People are obsessively binging Kim Possible on Disney+, if tweets about the series are any indication.
Given that the show was not available on Netflix or other streamers, many are thrilled that they can finally revisit the adventures of super spy Kim (Romano), her pal Ron (voiced by Boy Meets World alum Will Friedle) and his naked mole rat Rufus (Nancy Cartwright, aka Bart Simpson.) 

Kim Possible ran on Disney Channel for 87 episodes from 2002 to 2007, a prime time period for the network’s original series. Other shows within that general time period include Lizzie McGuire (soon to be rebooted for Disney+ with original star Hilary Duff), That’s So Raven (which already scored a sequel series in Raven’s Home), and Even Stevens (we’re waiting, Disney.) 

Though the animated series is bringing on all the nostalgic feelings, Kim Possible recently received a live action adaptation as well. It premiered in February of 2019 on Disney Channel and starred newcomer Sadie Stanley as the titular heroine.
While many fans are excited to binge Kim Possible, others are equally happy that they have full access to Disney Channel Original Movies — aka, DCOMs — that have been unavailable via other streamers.
With people finding all this early '00s content to watch, it's worth wondering if anyone is going to care that much about the originals coming to the platform. We'll take a Kim Possible spin-off any day, though.

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