Thanks To Instagram, It’s Like We Were At Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams’ Engagement Party

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock.
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams celebrated their engagement this weekend. The couple has been engaged since July and fans can’t get enough of the few wedding details Hyland and Adams have shared. They haven’t said much, but that might be because they themselves haven’t even decided on the details of their big day
Surrounded by family, friends, and castmates, Hyland and Adams’ engagement celebration had everything, from gorgeous flower arrangements to customized white-and-gold napkins with their names on them. Party games were played, toasts were made, and it feels like we were there, thanks to Instagram Stories.
Longtime Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson was in attendance and made sure to snap a few selfies with the bride-to-be. Ferguson also shared a few spoilers of the wedding plans, or at least the plans he would make for them. Hyland and Adams asked guests to vote on which songs they should use at their wedding and Ferguson chose a mix of pop and Broadway with “Lover” by Taylor Swift and “Mother Who Bore Me” from Spring Awakening, for their first dance and mother-son dance, respectively.
Debby Ryan, star of Netflix’s Insatiable, was also there to join in the celebrations. Hyland reposted a sweet photo shared on Ryan’s Instagram Story. The photo is of three engagement rings: Ryan’s, Hyland’s, and their friend Chloe Bridge’s, who is marrying Adam Devine of Pitch Perfect fame. “I’m obsessed with this picture,” Hyland captioned the repost on her Stories.
Hyland and Adams made a joint toast at their party expressing their gratitude for everyone there that was captured and shared by celebrity stylist Brad Goreski in his Insta Stories. “You are all obviously here today because you have such a special place in our heart and we all love you very much,” said Hyland, arm-in-arm with Adams. “Well we paid for all of this so drink up, I guess,” Adams adding jokingly. “Thanks for coming guys.”
Adams posted a picture of himself making a funny face next to Hyland at the party with the caption, "I mean, who wouldn't want to marry me?" One quick-witted commenter responded, "Well for one, Jojo Fletcher." Adams was on season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016, where he made it to the top eight. He may no longer be a contestant, but his Bachelor Nation days are far from behind him. However, he does know a good joke when he reads one.
Adams said he and Hyland were taking their time planning the wedding while appearing as a guest on the Your Favorite Thing podcast, hosted by Brandi Cyrus. “It will be, like, well over a year. I mean, we haven’t figured out anything, you know?” Adams told Cyrus. “Phase one was just get engaged. We’re still in phase one.”
The couple got engaged while on vacation in Fiji in July after two years of dating. “That can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff,” Hyland captioned her Instagram post announcing the big news.

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