Millie Bobby Brown Just Went Full-On Blonde For Fall

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Fall 2019 is already proving that when it comes to celebrity hair changes, it's best to expect the unexpected.
Mila Kunis, for instance, now has blonde hair with blue highlights. Demi Lovato dipped the ends of her bob in neon green. Liv Tyler got bangs. Noah Centineo dyed his beard blonde (we'd rather not talk about it). Even someone as consistent as Kate Middleton has chosen this season to switch things up and add some honey highlights.
Next up in this endless cycle of celebrities completely changing their look is Millie Bobby Brown. For years she's rocked her natural dark-chocolate hair, either shaved down for her role on Stranger Things, or cropped into a lob or bob streaked with blonde highlights. But this week, Brown decided to extend those highlights a little farther.
The 15-year-old actress, who just launched her own beauty brand, is now a full-blown blonde. While Brown has not revealed the new colour on her own social media pages, YSV Salon in Miami uploaded an Instagram post showing the actress in foils and posing with her colourist to show off the end result.
This has no doubt been a most experimental year for Brown and her look. In May, she stepped out with a dramatic blonde, ombré ponytail for her Godzilla premiere in Beijing and then was soon spotted sporting dark, almost-black hair while promoting Stranger Things season three.
Now, given this new look and Brown's extremely loyal fanbase, we'd say it's looking likely that "rooted citrine blonde" will be a must-have fall hair colour trend after all.

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