Kendall Jenner Just Filed A Trademark For Her Own Beauty Line

Photo: Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images.
It used to be that just a few celebrities felt equipped with the knowledge and fanbase to create a beauty brand of their own, like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson. But now, nearly every celebrity thinks they have a shot at their own individual beauty empires.
In the past few months alone, Olivia Jade, Hailey Bieber, and Ariana Grande have all filed trademarks for new beauty lines. Today, we found out that Kendall Jenner — the model with more than 109 million followers on Instagram — has thrown her hat into the crowded celebrity beauty brand ring.
In papers filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 2, Jenner is trying to trademark both "Kendall" and "Kendall Jenner" for the purpose of a brand-new beauty line. According to these trademark papers, this new brand could encapsulate anything from perfumes to hairstyling products to shower gels to nail polish to skin care (including toners and something as vague as "cosmetic preparations"). Even deodorant and lip gloss are included in there, too.
As far as celebrity beauty trademarks go, it's pretty standard to start off with a broad explanation of the products before getting more specific. Although as Olivia Jade learned, sometimes an overly vague explanation of products can get that trademark rejected. But since this is so early in the process for Jenner, she and her team are likely still thinking about what this line could focus on, which means we're thinking about what'd really make sense for Jenner as well.
Given Jenner's affinity for natural, subdued makeup, the line could very well draw inspiration from her own personal style. It'd also be helpful in differentiating her beauty brand from the very colourful Kylie Cosmetics. And while Kendall Jenner skin care could be amazing — especially given her outspokenness around her own struggles with acne — she did just get that deal with Proactiv. So maybe this trademark is setting the stage for a Kendall perfume? Her sister Kim Kardashian West has certainly had luck in that category.
Regardless of what she decides, Jenner's obviously got quite the crew of beauty-brand advisors around to help her with the mysterious launch.

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