Ariana Grande Announces That A "Thank U, Next" Fragrance Is Coming Soon

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Ariana Grande.
Update: Last week, Ariana Grande unveiled the packaging for her newest fragrance, Thank U, Next, named after her most recent album. Based on the name and the broken heart-shaped bottle, one might assume the base notes would include boys' tears and wine — but Grande just confirmed that's not the case.
In a press release, Grande explained that the forthcoming scent smells a lot like her first fragrance, Ari, but more summery. "I revisited Ari’s fruity pear and raspberry notes and changed it up by adding some coconut," she said. You'll also find that the perfume is cocktailed with notes of rose petals, macaroon sugar, and velvet musk. As far as the bottle goes, she says it aligns with the overall message of the song the fragrance is named for: moving forward from a challenging chapter.
Perhaps the best news of the day includes the price. Three sizes will be available, with the smallest (1 fluid oz.) costing $42 USD and the largest (3.4 fluid oz.) costing $62 USD. All three will be available online at Ulta Beauty starting August 18, and will officially roll out in stores September 1.
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Update (August 6, 2019): Four months ago, Ariana Grande filed a trademark to turn her hit single and album "Thank U, Next" into something beauty-related. Three months ago, we found out that we'd actually be getting a "Thank U, Next" fragrance. Today, Grande revealed that we'll actually be able to buy a bottle of said fragrance much sooner than expected.
As is the Grande way, the singer posted an Instagram to break the news, writing, "coming to @ultabeauty august 18th." Yes, as in less than two weeks. She also offered a preview of the bottle, which fittingly features a broken heart. Considering the massive success of her five previous scents, we expect some Ulta mayhem and sell-outs to ensue.
Update: After her team filed a trademark for a "Thank U, Next" beauty line last month, Ariana Grande finally revealed her plans to expand the footprint of her hit single. Announcing the news on Instagram (naturally), Grande is currently creating a "Thank U, Next" fragrance.
"I can’t wait for u to see/smell her," Grande wrote. "She’s like [the perfume] Ari if she went to the beach one time. I’ll keep u posted ... I don't think I was supposed to announce this today but I’m excited and it smells divine so fuck it."
Grande has built a massive, $150 million USD perfume empire, with five scents to her name already — including Cloud, Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy, and her signature Ari by Ariana Grande — so it's pretty easy to guess that this fragrance is gonna be just as big of a hit as the single it's inspired by.
This post was originally published on April 10, 2019.
After years of setting many a beauty trend, releasing six best-selling perfumes, and even getting a Lush bath bomb in her honor, Ariana Grande knows that the beauty industry can't get enough of her. Now, it's looking a lot like her next move is to turn her hit single and album "Thank U, Next" into a beauty line unto itself.
In papers filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week, Grande's company GrandAri, Inc. wants to make "Thank U, Next" fragrances (both eau de cologne and eau de parfum) and various body-care products, including body lotions, gels, scrubs, powders, soufflés, and mists.
Photo: Courtesy of The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
You can even see what appears to be Ariana's signature on the trademark — which, naturally, features a heart over the letter "i" in her first name. Given the wild success of this song — the music video actually smashed records on YouTube — and the fact that Grande decided to give her fifth studio album the same name too, it's no wonder that the three words are continuing to get some extra love from the pop star.
All we're really left wondering now is what these particular products are going to smell like. Will they channel the music video, perhaps, and emulate the fragrance of the salon where Grande learned the bend-and-snap? (If that's the case, will Kris Jenner need to give her stamp of approval?) Alternatively, since this is also the name of her album, are we about to get a scent for every song on the album? Since this is coming from Grande, we're preparing for anything — and everything.

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