Brie Larson Just Chopped Off Her Hair — & It Looks So Good

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.
Shoulder-length, blonde hair has become Brie Larson's signature. So when we saw the actress — who plays Captain Marvel in the recent Avengers: End Game film — sporting a style that's outside of her typical highlighted look, we were geeked.
In the original Captain Marvel movie, Larson switched between blonde, brown, and mohawk wigs. But those were just wigs. This week, Larson stepped out for the launch of MLH Sigil Fragrances with a new short bob haircut that falls right above her chin — and it looks like the real deal. The bob was styled straight with a slight bump towards the end, which gave Larson's hair a bedhead effect. It's clear that Larson is trying to get rid of all traces of her Marvel character now that she's done with the Avengers press tour.
Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock.
Naturally, fans freaked, reposting the image and complimenting the actress' new look. While Larson has been on our lob goals list for a while now, she isn't the first celebrity to hop on the haircut bandwagon in 2019. She joins Mandy Moore, Kristin Bell, and Natalie Portman, who all chopped off inches right before the start of summer.
While the person behind the shears isn't yet confirmed, Brie's longtime stylist Bryce Scarlett is likely the man behind her new look. Hopefully we'll be getting more details on Larson's new hairstyle soon, but in the meantime we'll be patiently waiting for all the short-haired looks Larson is about to serve.

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