Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, & Danielle Jonas Star In The Jonas Brother's Sultry "Sucker" Music Video

Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon.
The Jonas Brothers may be back, but the women in their lives are the real stars. On Thursday, the early 2000s boy band announced that not only were they reuniting, but that they were releasing a new single: "Sucker." At midnight, the music video dropped, and these once-Disney channel stars have definitely grown up.
Perhaps the biggest change since the Jonas Brother's last single six years ago is that now all three of them are either married or about to be: Kevin Jonas has been married to Danielle Jonas since 2009, and Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra late last year. We don't know exactly when Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are going to officially tie the knot, but they've been engaged since October 2017.
But it's not forever until you're all in a music video together. Taking a page out of The Favourite's book, the music video is set in a grand castle, with the women in colourful period clothing causing mayhem. As the brothers sing, their respective partners can't get enough, and the video shows the gang having grand meals, hanging out in bathtubs, and prowling through parlours.
While the video never gets NSFW, there are definitely some moments that will make longtime fans of the boys blush — like when Joe is suspended from the ceiling by bonded ropes as Turner licks her lips. In another moment, Chopra is seen striding down a long hallway, shedding her luxurious layers to meet Nick Jonas at the end.
Next? We need a single from the women.
Watch the full video below:

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