Celebrities Who Bared It All On Instagram

Chris Haston/Getty Images.
Ah, Instagram. Home to photos of your friends' engagement rings, vacation destinations that exceed your budget, and occasionally, celebrity nude photos that make the headlines. Celebrities are the masters of Instagram, and for good reason. They can connect with their fans and build their personal brands, as well as rake in money from subtle (and not-so subtle) product placement.
Instagram's also where celebrities go to flaunt their bodies. But even celebrities — and more specifically, female ones — are subject to Instagram's "no nipple policy." In 2015, Rihanna posted a topless photos from her Lui magazine cover shoot and had her account suspended for breaching guidelines. Others, like Kendall Jenner, slyly get around the nipple ban.
Recently, more and more celebrities accompany their nude photos with a political message. In 2014, Chelsea Handler posed topless on a horse, a la Vladimir Putin. Handler was incensed when Instagram removed the photo. "Taking this down is sexist. I have every right to show I have a better body than Putin," she Tweeted.
Here are the most iconic celebrity nudes that skirted the rules.
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