13 Valentine's Day Nail-Art Ideas That Are Chic, Not Cheesy

Photo: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images.
As one of the breakout nail trends of 2019, tiny red or pink hearts make for a fun manicure any time of year, not just around the second week of February. But if you're wearing hearts from January to December, how are you going to make your mani feel different for Valentine's Day? Well, we've got a few ideas.
Our favourite manicures of the moment are loosely inspired by Cupid, flowers, and all things love. But just like your favourite poppy-red crewneck sweater, these nail looks are timeless and a little flirty. Plus, this chic art is perfect for a romantic date night or just your average Monday in February.
From sparkly rhinestones over baby-pink polish to a minimalist bare nail with a teeny red heart accent, check out the cutest Valentine's Day nail art that's taking over Instagram right now.

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