These Are The Most Stunning Looks From Toronto Fashion Week

Photo by George Pimentel Photography
Lights dim. Music plays. A model steps onto a runway. It’s the inevitable start to almost every fashion show. A few strides onto the catwalk and an introductory outfit is revealed. Sometimes, the look is met with adulation in the form of cheers, whistles, or even the occasional “YAS” (we heard one followed by a “QUEEN” that would’ve made RuPaul proud at the Narces show). Others are met with awkward silence or even worse: indifference. Rinse, repeat.
Toronto Fashion Week wrapped last night after three days of highs and lows, adulation and, if we had to guess, rarely indifference for the distinctive looks that made their way down the TFW fall/winter 2019 runways. Lesley Hampton delivered a jaw-dropping show that we’re still talking about. David Dixon made capes out of bubble wrap. Hilary MacMillan wowed the crowd at the ROM with her vegan collection and Mani Jassal sent show-stopping looks inspired by her Indian heritage down the runway that made the entire room swoon.
The shows may be over but the good news is we get to obsess over these clothes until next season. Click through for our favourite looks from Toronto Fashion Week.