From Mean Girls To Mykonos: Inside Lindsay Lohan's Empire

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images.
It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since "She doesn't even go here!" entered the lexicon, but alas, Mean Girls is now a full-fledged teenager, and its star Lindsay Lohan is now a movie star-turned-grande dame of a Mykonos club with her own reality show. (Who could ever forget that viral video of LiLo dancing with abandon on the beach? Not I.)
Lohan has come a long way since her days as Cady Heron declaring that the limit does not exist, and so has her net worth. Ahead, we did the math.
After getting her start modelling and acting in commercials as a kid, Lohan got her big break as the iconic separated-at-birth twins, Annie and Hallie, in The Parent Trap in 1998. This led to a robust Disney career for Lohan, including starring roles in Life-Size, Get A Clue, and Freaky Friday. Then came Mean Girls in 2004, which grossed $129 million USD worldwide, and then Lohan's not-too-shabby foray into music soon thereafter. (I'm sorry, but who can forget "Rumors"? The album went platinum!) Her fame continued to rise, with starring roles in Herbie Fully Loaded in 2005, which grossed $144 million USD worldwide, and Just My Luck in 2006, for which she earned $7.5 million USD.
Around this time, Lohan had more than a few encounters with the law, and was arrested for driving under the influence, drug possession, shoplifting, and assaulting a woman at a nightclub, and served time in jail. And with these legal woes came financial ones: In 2012, Lohan's bank account was seized by the IRS for failure to pay her taxes in 2009 and 2010 — apparently $233,904 USD worth. (And apparently Charlie Sheen cut LiLo a check for $100,000 to cover a chunk of it.) A nude Playboy shoot in 2011 earned her $1 million, but the same year she was served a bill for $90,000 in unpaid limo fees from 2009.
Lohan has reportedly earned close to $28 million USD for her film career, and yet she was close to bankruptcy in 2010. Then in 2013 came Lohan's infamous interview with Oprah, in which she admitted to being an addict and pocketed $2 million USD, which she reportedly used to pay back rehab fees and taxes. The interview was followed by an eight-part docuseries called Lindsay that followed her recovery.
After years in the spotlight, Lohan moved to Dubai in pursuit of a more private life. And in 2016, she resurfaced in full swing, with a brand spankin' new (vaguely European?) accent at the opening of her nightclub in Athens. In May 2018, she opened the Lohan Beach House in Mykonos, the playground of her new MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. She also became a spokesperson for, which, yes, sounds as odd as it is. And there might be an island called "Lindsayland" off the coast of Dubai sometime soon.
Celebrity Net Worth values Lohan at $800,000, but last April, a representative for Lohan told Money that her net worth lived somewhere between $5 and $8 million USD, a figure that will likely go up with her new show — I mean, if the trailer is any indication, she means business!

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