Lourdes Leon Shows Off Her Armpit & Leg Hair —& It's NBD

Photo: Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock.
Amid Ruth Bader Ginsburg being hospitalized and a generally crumbling republic and planet, we believe it's important to focus on things that are actually, you know, important. And so that's why we remain so baffled that a female celebrity going out with her completely natural body hair on display continues to be news. Like, Julia Roberts went on a red carpet with unshaved armpits in 1999, and she's still getting questions about it?
This is just the world we live in right now, but a few young celebs are on a mission to normalize body hair on red carpets. Just last month, Amandla Stenberg attended her movie premiere in a strappy black dress that showed off her armpit hair, and now Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna, has gone one step further. At the 2018 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Anniversary Event in New York City, Leon stepped onto the red carpet in a short white dress with unshaved armpits and legs.
It's a bit of a like mother, like daughter moment for Leon. Back in 2014, Madonna posted an Instagram of her own unshaved armpits with the cheeky caption "Long hair... Don't Care!!!!!!" And since then, Leon has appeared with unshaved armpits many times, with Madonna posting a picture of Leon and her hairy armpits this January.
But Leon's general disregard of the beauty norm that tells us women should all be completely hairless creatures hasn't been without criticism. Back in 2017, Leon was photographed at a beach in Miami with unshaved armpits, and got a flood of hate.
Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
So although this may seem like an inconsequential move that Leon is making by deciding to step out with unshaved armpits and legs, there is a culture of backlash around people (and celebrities especially) who have decided to not shave the body parts society thinks they should. Actress Lola Kirke got death threats after she showed her unshaved armpits on the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet, and even Amandla Stenberg got her share of hateful comments when she posted a picture of her unshaved armpits on Instagram weeks ago.
But we'd like to remind everyone: Body hair and how you decide to groom or not groom it is an entirely personal decision. And for Leon, right now, she doesn't have the time to care. Let's let her live her life, shall we?

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