Lather, Rinse and Climax: We Tried The World’s First Shower Head Sex Toy

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Over the last three years or so, my job has led me to review and write about a lot of sex toys. At last count, I had around 20 toys tucked in a box under my bed — and a few faves stashed away on the bedside tables at both my place and my boyfriend's.
At this point, I feel like I've tried it all — palm vibrators, G-Spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, seated vibrators, couples vibrators, app-controlled vibrators, you name it. So when new iterations of classic sex toys land in my inbox, I don't get as excited as I once did.
But when this particular subject line read, "Womanizer launches world-first shower head sex toy", I actually squealed. The team over at Womanizer sent me one of its new Waves to test out pre-release, so I could give you a blow-by-blow of just how good this little masturbation machine really is.
Let's get into it.

How does the Womanizer Wave work?

The Wave has three types of pleasure jets, some made for masturbation, others made for damn good shower pressure. You've got the Pleasure Jet, which is a constant stream of rhythmic stimulation. Then you've got the Pleasure Whirl, a little swirly stream that mixes up pressure and points of contact. And finally, you've got the Powder Rain, which is a gentle, mist-like rain.
You control everything from the stream style to the intensity using the slider button on the shaft of the shower head, which you conveniently only need one hand for. And speaking from experience, you'll need your other hand to brace yourself with when the orgasm hits.

How easy is it to install?

Really easy! If you have a handset shower head, you literally just unscrew your old one and pop the Wave in its place. If you have a regular shower head — and you're keen to ride the wave — you may need to call a plumber and have a handset installed.

Will it run up my water bill?

Surprisingly, no. The Womanizer Wave’s EcoSmart technology also allows for a 60% reduction in water consumption compared to traditional products, so you shouldn't rack up a wildly high water bill.

Is it obvious that it's a sex toy?

Nope, it literally looks like a fancy shower head, so any guests (or roommates) using the shower will be none the wiser.

"That lasted all of 20 seconds before my knees buckled, and I was left standing there in shock at how quickly and intensely I came."

Does the water go up your vagina?

The Wave was designed with clitoral stimulation in mind, so there really shouldn't be any reason that water goes up your vagina. You mainly want to focus the streams around the upper, outer labia, the hood and the clitoris.
Also, if you’re worried about hygiene, the shower head shouldn’t actually come into contact with your body — trust me, the jets don't need to be super close to work their magic.
Now for the good stuff.

What's it like to masturbate with?

I'd recommend playing with the shower head a little before you get started so you can figure out the different streams and intensities you might want to try. Once you get comfortable with the shower head and the slider controls, you can pretty much go for it any way you like.
If you've ever masturbated with a regular shower head, it's pretty similar, only you can control the flow of water and pleasure yourself more easily.
I originally fooled around with it with my boyfriend, so it wasn't exactly a sexy experience. We were literally just playing with all the different settings and spraying each other with it before he actually washed my hair and used the different settings to rinse the conditioner out. Side note: it's like a little head massage, so bonus points for that!
I knew I'd have to try it solo another day, so I waited for him to go out surfing one morning before I tried it. And boy, was it worth the wait.
I didn't really know how to position myself, or it, at the start. But I figured it couldn't hurt to hold onto the shower wall just in case I needed to brace for impact (and brace for impact, I did). I found that it was a lot easier to just position the shower head close to my body and move my body rather than trying to manoeuvre my wrist around.
I started with the Powder Rain, while I figured out the best way to move my body before I really got into the swing of things. I then quickly escalated to the Pleasure Jet. That lasted all of 20 seconds before my knees buckled, and I was left standing there in shock at how quickly and intensely I came.
It was a really nice change of pace from my usual masturbation routine, mostly because I'm not really a shower girlie when it comes to sexual adventures — but after the Wave, consider me converted.

Can you use it with a partner?

I think there's definitely potential for partner play using the Wave — especially if you're into mutual masturbation or would like to add a little foreplay to your shower sex.

Where can you buy the Womanizer Wave shower head sex toy?

In Australia, the Wave is now available from Lovehoney and will set you back around $179. You can shop it here.
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