How Sex Pillows Can Turn Awkward Sex Into Amazing Sex

Have you ever been having sex with your legs dangled over the side of the bed and your foot on top of a step stool, trying desperately to push your hips up so the strap-on won't slip out of you again because the SpongeBob pillow that you put underneath your butt isn't helping? No? Just me?
SpongeBob pillow aside, I'm willing to bet just about everyone who has sex has run into some situation when their body wouldn't get into the position they wanted. So let me tell you, friends, there's an easy solution for your awkward sex position issues: a sex pillow.
Sex pillows are way better at lifting your hips for side-of-the-bed sex, boosting your bum for anal sex, or elevating your back for a steamy make out, than a regular pillow could ever be. Sex pillows and other sex furniture (like sex couches) are typically made with high-density foam, which means that they're much more stable than the pillow you use to sleep and will support your body better. "Pillows are meant to cushion your head, and even if you have a memory foam pillow they tend to be squishy," says sex educator Ashley Manta. "They're not meant to hold your body in place."
Sex pillows, however, are meant to hold your body up, and are specifically designed to be comfortable under your hips, knees, back, or any other body part you want to support. The possibilities for using sex pillows are pretty much endless. The first time Manta had anal sex, she used a sex pillow to bend forward and take pressure off of her hips. "It put me in a great position so I was comfortable and relaxed, and it was also a great position for him because he didn't have to spike his elbow or get his body into some kind of wacky position to get to me."
You can use sex pillows if your partner has a particularly large penis and you don't want it to slip out completely, or if your partner's penis is on the smaller side and you want a position that's going to make penetration feel deeper. You can use sex pillows if your knees are torn up from arthritis or years of sports and any position where you have to kneel on the bed or the floor (like to give your partner oral sex) hurts too much. You can use them if you and your partner are wildly different heights and you need a way to make your hips line up with theirs, or if you have a bigger body, or if you think the mattress is too soft for good thrusting, or any other scenario in which you need a little help. "Honestly, all bodies can benefit," Manta says. "Because sex pillows let you play with all sorts of positioning." (They're even great for people who want a backrest when they sit up in bed to read.)
And if you choose to invest in a sex pillow, you'll want to use it in lots of different ways, because they aren't cheap. If you plan to actually use your sex pillow, it's totally worth the cost, Manta says. "It's an investment in your pleasure," she says. "And one that I suggest everyone consider."
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