Your Horoscope This Week: 5th to 11th February, 2023

Are you ready to receive everything you’ve been envisioning?
As the week begins, we’re fresh off the heels of a Leo full moon, and this dynamic lunation is encouraging all zodiac signs to  step into bolder, more passionate avenues as we approach the astrological new year (which begins on 20th March, when the sun enters Aries).  
This third week of Aquarius season is innovative and revolutionary — but the revolution is the type that starts within.
There’s something that’s been rumbling within us during Mars’ extra-long stay in Gemini, most likely encouraging us to explore completely new ventures,  environments, or relationships than what we’ve experienced before.  
Now that Mars is picking up speed after its two-month retrograde, we’ll enter the week feeling like galactic superheroes, ready to tackle whatever challenge is in store.
Mercury remains in Capricorn until the 11th though, so even if you feel ready to hit the ground running, the universe will remind you of the power of slowing down and pacing yourself as you ascend.
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