Venus In Cancer Means We’ll Yearn For Romance & Nostalgia

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Venus, the planet of love and money, will be in the tender sign Cancer from May 7 to June 5. This Venusian transit will make us yearn for romance, connections with our family and nostalgia. Our intuition is going to reach new heights as water signs tend to feel things on a subconscious level, allowing us to trust our guts when it comes to investing money or committing to a relationship. More importantly, trusting our own decisions and not acting impulsively. Aligning with people who make us feel special and seen is important since we’ll want love to be easy.
When Venus is in Cancer, we feel our feels on a deeper level. Speaking from our hearts takes time and patience but once the words come out, they’ll be worth more than their weight in gold. In a nutshell: The sentiments that are said are genuine and true. Intimacy is essential but it requires trust, which isn’t earned overnight. And gaining the confidence of others isn’t easy (the same applies to how we treat people, too). Once it’s given, the love received is greater than anything else because no other placement is sensitive or unconditional like Venus in Cancer.
Self-preservation is the only pitfall that we’ll experience from this transit. While it might seem fine on paper, we may hide away in a cocoon to safeguard our hearts. This means tuning out 90% of the outside world and holding back on making plans until we are ready to move forward. Protecting ourselves at all costs usually means not letting people in easily. Although it’s wise to vet people to make sure they’re pure in their intentions and honest with their feelings, it doesn’t let us impulsively run off with the one we adore or jump into a relationship. Love takes time. 
Loyalty is important for Venus in Cancer, who’ll give everything to those who have their back. The caveat is that the pincers come out once they are the victims of deception. Not being able to trust friends, family members or colleagues is heartbreaking for the cardinal water sign — especially because they would never play games or go behind the backs of those they adore. If the faith in relationships is broken, then Venus in Cancer can’t return to the partnership when they don’t feel safe (which is what they require from others). They run away from recklessness and danger. 
In the tarot, Venus in Cancer is represented by the Two of Cups. The tarot card depicts two different people with cups that are intertwined between their loving arms: Hermes (the Greek deity who rules communication) and Caduceus (a winged magical wand that has two snakes coiled around it) who sits in between, which is often related to negotiation, healing and cosmic energy. Above it lies a chimera (a fire-breathing mythological creature) that represents passion and desire. This card shows the joy and pleasure of merging into one with a partner as well as the positive energy that couples share when in love. It also shows the want and need we have on a soulful level to nurture those we care about and to be constantly aware of their emotions. 
We won’t want to be spendthrift during this transit so it’s advisable to save our pennies for a rainy day. We may decide to go shopping on an emotional whim, which isn’t advisable. If purchases are made, try to keep the receipts. Returns may be made if we decide that we don’t need or can’t afford the objects. Start a savings plan or learn to live on a budget. Yes, it’s a frugal time, but in a few weeks when Venus shifts into Leo, we’ll want to be carefree with our spending. The time to save is now. 
Dates to look out for:
May 11: Venus connects with the Nodes of Destiny, bringing important relationships our way. Pay attention to who you meet or interact with today as they may be a vital part of your future.
May 13: Venus and Saturn harmonise, cementing commitments and relationships.
May 24: Venus squares the centaur Chiron, healing emotional wounds from the past. Look out for issues in the family to resurface. The good news is that you can make amends (and vice versa) at this time.  
May 26: Venus and Uranus link up, urging us to set boundaries and gain autonomy within partnerships. Seeking individuality and avoiding codependency is key. 
June 2: Venus and Neptune share a gentle aspect, making us ignore red flags and accept others unconditionally. 
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