Here’s How TENS Devices Could Actually Combat Period Pain

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To put it bluntly, period pain is a real bitch. Anyone with a uterus has likely experienced the kind of excruciating pain that has you in the foetal position begging to have your insides cut out.
And for some of us, pain management isn't exactly a simple task, especially if you've exhausted all your traditional methods like ibuprofen, heat packs and other natural remedies. So what do you try when it feels like you've tried absolutely everything? Allow us to introduce you to TENS devices.

What is a TENS device?

A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device is a small, battery-powered device that emits painless electro currents into your body to help trick the pain receptors in your brain into letting your muscles relax, thus reducing pain.

When are TENS devices used?

Traditionally, TENS devices are used to help manage chronic pain (e.g. arthritis, endometriosis, connective tissue disorders, niggling injuries) because the electrical stimulation has been found to have analgesic effects. However, in more recent years, it's become more popular in treating all of the above, plus period pain. This is because it’s an affordable, low-risk pain management strategy.

How do TENS devices work for period pain?

Everyone and their pain levels are different, so we can’t say for sure that it will fully stop your cramps/pain, but some people have found it to be super effective in managing and reducing period pain. So if you've run out of pain relief methods and are ready to give this drug-free option a crack, why not?

The Best TENS devices for period pain

If it feels like you're constantly microwaving heat packs, popping pain killers, or being told to ‘just try some stretches', you're probably ready to try something new when it comes to relieving period pain. Cue: Vush's Aura, a period pain relief device that sends out good vibrations in the form of electro currents to help block period pain. Use code AURA for 20% off your first purchase.
The Noha device works by sending small electrical pulses through two pads that stick on your stomach or back.
The pulses then overload your nerves, stopping the pain signals travelling to your brain, therefore blocking your period pain.
While a TENS device might be a great way to help manage pain, extremely heavy, painful periods aren't always normal, so you should definitely chat to your GP or gynaecologist if the pain persists.
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