6 Nutritionist-Approved Ways To Help Remedy Period Pain

Around 26% of the global population menstruates, according to UNICEF, and yet, there's little advancement in the problems that periods bring.
Cramps, whether they come before or during, are one of the great injustices of the world. They occur when a uterus contracts to help expel its lining (your period) and can range from uncomfortable to near-death levels of pain.
Even in 2021, period pain can be trivialised, or even mocked. People who menstruate are often sold the idea that they're not that bad, and the stigma around communicating the debilitating physical effects of menstruation is all too real. Workplaces in Indonesia, Italy, Japan, and South Korea all offer government-mandated period leave, but Australia, unfortunately, still lags in this area.
But while there's plenty of complex debate around paid period leave and how much it really serves us in the end, there are some simple, expert-approved ways to help negate the discomfort and pain of cramps that are too easy not to try. Even if you're someone that just likes to restore their energy from the comfort of their couch, there are simple swaps we can make to help alleviate some of those aches.
And since we can mostly just offer our since condolences to those going through it right now — we have gotten the full lowdown on getting through your period with as minimal pain as possible from qualified nutritionist and dietitian, Tara Kaff.
Click through for the lifestyle and self-care tips that may just ensure a smoother time of the month.

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